Queen's Now

Queen's Bluegrass was founded by Ernest Queen in 1987 or 1988--the history is a little hazy now.  Ernie passed away in 2015--we like to say he "has gone on before."  Kevin Fazio and Aaron Maas, both longtime Queen's Bluegrass members, had the privilege of spending a good bit of time with Ernie in his final days.  One of Ernie's last requests was that we "keep playing the music."   Kevin and Aaron have honored the request since Ernie's passing. 

Kevin joined the group in 1991, plays banjo, and acts as the group's manager.  You can reach him through the Contact page. 

Aaron joined the group in 2003, is the group's lead singer, and plays rhythm guitar.

Katie Weed plays fiddle and fills out the sweet harmonies.  Katie, daughter of two fiddlers, has been playing music all her life.  She has toured internationally with a punk bluegrass band and has now, thankfully, settled here in the Pacific Northwest.  

Nakos Marker plays dobro and occasionally belts out some awesome lead vocals.  Nakos was also born into a musical family.  He was given a dulcimer as a child and figured out it sounded way cooler when sliding a butter knife along the strings--hence, a dobro player was born.

Pete Goodall keeps it all together on the standup bass.  Besides being an outstanding musician, Pete is widely known in Northwest bluegrass circles for his work as emcee at major  bluegrass festivals as well as DJ for a long running (22 years) bluegrass radio program.  

Check out our calendar on the Home page to catch us in the area! 

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